AR​-​014 : Crawling Stronger

by Chains

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Released by Assurd Records
on 90 handnumbered tapes
out on 10th of July, 2015


released July 11, 2015

All tracks by Chains



all rights reserved


Assurd Records Italy

Punk Hardcore Label / Distro from Italy

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Track Name: Chains Stomp
Like a chain in your face..
Track Name: Wrong Game
I gave you a chance, even if you talked too much 

I trusted your words, but we walk two different lines.

Loudmouth, you're playing another game.

You'll never realize you're going the wrong way

you're playing the wrong game 
you fall back,

you're playing the wrong game 
you can't face your life

your easy way out, that's the wrong game. 

I gave you a chance, but you talked too much. 
..too much!
Track Name: Crawling Stronger
I’m talking to you, searching for your eyes.
But you don’t wanna know you prefer stay behind.
Your lame excuses ,you’re floating in your lies,
You’ll lose all your fights, i’m just losing my time.
Growing stronger – from defeat to defeat,
Crawling stronger.
Your friends need you but you choose to stay behind.
Worse luck shoulders have no eyes.
Maybe I was too blind, but now it’s clear.
Fallen apart once and never again.
i’ll keep crawling, stronger.
Track Name: No Colors
Every street we walk on, we leave strength on the ground.
Step by step we weaken ourselves,
day by day we discover our way.
No colors.
For those involved no explanation is necessary,
for those who are not no explanation is possible.
No faints, no words, no colors.
Track Name: Space Flight
I wished it was a space flight,
why did I turn on the light?!… oh no!
I was watchin’ the earth collapsed, laughing at death.
I didn’t care about nothing, i felt safe in the deep space.
High life on a space flight.
I wish it was a space flight... Fuck!
I’m still stuck on this earth.
Track Name: Can't Hide
I’ve never found a place to hide,
i’ve never wished to do it.
Regainin’ the front line, straight on through this wall of lies.
I can’t hide, I can’t hide behind a lie.
They’ll never build a wall,
that we can’t tear down.
Track Name: Shut Up and Quit
A voice tell us to quit,
we’ve never seen the best moment or the right place.
Better hide, no more a threat.
Don’t move, don’t think, can’t take a breath.
Should I even try?
Maybe for the last time, but i feel in my heart,
i can’t shut up and quit, no… not now!

It could be the last fight, but we still control our time.
We stand still,
it’s no time,
to say goodbye.