AR​-​027 : Tropichaos

by Violent Stomp

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Co-released in August 2016 on 7"
3 different covers, available on red or black vinyl
300 copies pressed
Assurd Records (EUR) / Hard Times Records (BRA)
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released August 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Assurd Records Italy

Punk Hardcore Label / Distro from Italy

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Track Name: Explanations
I feel alone trying to explain myself
When such demand comes from me
Even when I know there's no explanation to be given
I feel alone inside the world I built
Now that I've thought about reconnecting
I can see what's haven't changed
And things are as they should be
It's not a choice
Things are as they are
Narrow paths became parallel
And slowly drift apart
I'm tired of trying to prove
I'm tired of trying overcome myself
I'm not what you want
I don't want to be as you planned
Your projects are taking forms and it are contagious

But I need to cure myself
Even if it costs me
The longing to be close
Track Name: Jailed Thoughts
Discomfort sensation
mind submerged in darkness
how to look for an exit
trapped in this mix of feelings?
there's no explanation and there's no way to understand
when you see yourself where you don't want to be
Jailed thoughts
constant paranoia
why won’t anyone help me?

O dia-a-dia pode te fazer entrar em alto cobrança constante, pode destruir suas amizades, relacionamentos e seus sonhos. como sair desse ciclo que é a vida no 3º mundo estamos jogados aqui buscando uma cura diária.
Track Name: The Cord
All you feel is the shaking of the ground
trapped in your own fear
you're just going to the end
blinded by lust
muted by greed
you see nothing beyond yourself
this is the modern world disease
a war to get all your material wishes
how many heads did you step on to get here?
you failed and want to put it all on me?
how many doubts are in your mind now?
You can't understand the mistakes you made
and you blame me for your troubles
but it’s not me who will cut the cord
can you feel your body shaking?
you think your rage will hold you up
can you feel your body shaking?
it's not me who will cut the chord
Os desejos materiais ganham cada vez mais espaço na vida das pessoas e elas acabam se esquecendo de coisas que são muito mais essenciais na vida. Consumir e ter o melhor de tudo que se pode ter hoje em dia virou uma corrida e muitas pessoas fazem o que for necessário para alcançar isso conscientes do erro ou não.
Track Name: Selfish Dreams
You are the materializaton of pure self-destruction
(it’s just you against you[rself])
Nothing matters, just your ego
you're lost, can't you see nobody is by your side anymore?

You're everything that's wrong with me
once again we said goodbye
you got caught by your selfish dreams
do you feel alone?

Quando o ego se une ao egoísmo todos se afastam de você, quem lhe deu a mão várias e várias vezes simplesmente desistem e vão embora e você se auto destrói com a recompensa de pra sempre viver sozinho.
Tudo isso é reflexo da vida que levamos por aqui você vê pessoas se dando bem e quer aquilo pra você também, mas até que ponto isso vale a pena? Vale sacrificar os amigos, a família e a você mesmo? Vale a pena sentir-se pra sempre sozinho?